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Friday, May 22, 2020

“B... B... Bi... Bi... Bir... Bir...BIIIIRD!!!” Chirping Mode Activated!

Funny Cat GIF • Cat chirping hard, talking to the noisy birds
“Your cat has a funny ‘short circuit’.”
“Talking to those noisy birds: shut up and go to sleep!”
“I love you ! I have finally found some awesome kitty that speaks my language. Are you attached sweetie.”
“My cat does the same thing - DAY & NIGHT - when she sees a bird close up!”
“Il mio faceva così quando vedeva le mosche.”
“Its mouth is like a machine gun!”
"Si mon chat pouvait m'indiquer de cette manière où se trouvent les moustiques, cela m'aiderait à les tuer !"