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Sunday, April 12, 2020

“What is your favorite eye color of my 3 cats? Blue, orange or green?”

Amazing Cat GIF • Pile of 3 gorgeous cats with green, orange and blue  eyes! What is your favorite eye color?
“All of them, but green eyes has natural kohl liner on! Wow!”
“The little cutie on top with blue eyes.”
“I love orange eyes on grey/blue hair.”
“The  ginger cat eyeliner is purrfect.”
“A cute pile of happiness.”
“Did you glue them together? My cats would never do this!”
“Lucky man, how beautiful and cute are your 3 cats.”
“Yes, they are all gorgeous.” 😻 😻 😻
"Tres bellezas, no me importa el color!"
• Quand tes 3 chats sont tellement beaux et différents que tu ne peux pas en préférer un plus qu'un autre.” 
[IG @amy_simba]