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Saturday, April 4, 2020

The DEVIL paw! Weird, scary and funny sphynx kitty

Weird cat GIF • The scary paw from a hairless Kitty. It almost looks like the devil hidden under a girl shirt
“It's just a cute hairless kitty, it almost looks like the devil hidden under a shirt.”
• Quant tu héberges un 'petit monstre' sans poil sous tes vêtements et que tu vérifies qu'il est toujours là, bien au chaud. 
“Yep, if you don’t know it’s a cute hairless kitty it almost looks like a demon.”
“Caution! Gulum is in your shirt!”
“That's not a cat haha, it's the devil.”
“That's cute and terrifying at the same time.”
“I can finally say I've seen what the hand of the devil looks like.”
[IG @gracienoe]