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Friday, April 10, 2020

“Fight me! Fight me if you're not a coward!”

Funny Cat GIF • Skinny Devon rex kitten surprised by adult cat. “Fight me if you're not a coward! ”
Hilarious skinny kitten 🤣
“A Devon rex kitten met a bigger cat for the first time. She was surprised and afraid to meet such a giant cat, jumped and hopped and skidded around, while the big cat laid around lazily, watching her.”
“What do you want, kid? I think you're brave but presumptuous...”
“Whatcha doing? Are you drunk baby?”
“Funny ears, hunting mode activated.”
• Quand tu veux te battre contre plus gros et plus fort que toi mais que, finalement, tu n'est pas sûr que ça soit une bonne idée !