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Friday, April 3, 2020

“Nope! Don't touch my beans, I'm toastin them.”

Funny Cat GIF • Don't disturb cat roasting its toes because they are are freezing, haha
“Piss off, my cute jelly bean toes are freezing!”
• "Non ! Ne touche pas à mes coussinets, ils sont gelés et je les réchauffe."
“Don't disturb, he’s cooking his beans, haha.”
“I tell my cat all the time: If you don't want your beans rubbed, don't stick em out”
“Hahaha I love the stretch to put his toes back over the heat.”
“Hooman, don't-a touchy da feet.”
“Cat looks old, so probably has arthritis which explains the odd posture. The warmth could be a nice pain relief.”