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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Quarantine challenges >> Funny ‘Obstacle Challenge’ for cats (No. 1)

With BOOTLE CAPS? Cat:1 Human:0
“Sorry human, you must try harder, I'm clever and graceful because CAT!”
“Amazing: back feet are the most impressive, they're are placed where front paws were!” 🐾🐾
• Quand ton chat te ridiculise avec ton challenge de confinement, non sans désinvolture.
“Woah, and kitty even doesn't need to look at the floor.”
“What did you expect, clumsy human?”
“This is a purrfect cat walk, whatever.” 👌
“So they can move around without knocking things over when they want to. So, I need to find a way to tell that to my clumsy cat!”
“Don't f*ck with cats.”
• Des fois que tu n'aies pas compris que les félins sont d'une agilité exceptionnelle, surtout avec leurs pattes arrières...
“Ich kenne einen da würden alle fallen.”
“Cat is graceful but his human must be an alcoholic, hahaha!”
“That moment you realize you cat can see the Matrix.” ✨
“So they don't knock things over when you want them too. But when you don't want them to, they...”
“Quanta elegância.” 💝
“He’s like: no problem, I got this!”
“Em meio a pandemia...mantenha-se tranquilo e equilibrado, é isso!” ❤️
“Cats have so much balance and controll, I can't imagine a døg doing the same.”
• Le chat : "Et si tu picolais moins durant le confinement, cher humain, ça serait une bonne résolution, non ?”
“This is proof that when jerk cats knock things over...its because they want to!” 😅