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Thursday, April 2, 2020

“Telework is the first choice and priority for as many employees as possible.” they said...

Funny Cat GIF • Affectionate cat thinks that human hand is the best pillow. No more telework at home haha.
But all cat lovers know that telework from home with a cuddly cat is just impurrsible mission, haha! 😹 ”
Toutes les personnes dont le métier le permet doivent rester chez elles et télétravailler, qu'ils disent !
On voit bien que ceux qui préconisent cela n'ont pas de chats affectueux chez eux ! 
“Don't worry dude, your are not the only one, actually my TWO cats are sleeping on my keyboard. No more telework for me.”
“Me too. Working from home? I can't! After only one day of WFH, I got a call from the manager that I need to go back to the office, haha.”
“Human hand = warm pillow, best pillow for kitties”
“Kitty loves having Dad at home: never leave me again human!”
“My cat used to sleep on my laptop, I didn't went to eat or toilet because I didn't want to wake her up.”
“I love you Dad, do you understand?”
“That's a free neck massage and she falls asleep.”
[IG @iubirescu]