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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

“Get isolated at home (quarantine) with my two funny kitties...

Funny Cat GIF • 2 playful cats found an endless game around TV furniture. Catch me if you can
...for me it's okay”  😊
“Infinite PURRsuit.”
• Quand tes chats joueurs ont trouvé le mouvement perpétuel pour passer le temps durant le confinement.
“Haha they're so funny: what a great way to dust behind the TV.”
“Ma quanto sono belli?”
“When you really don’t have nothing to do during your quarantine...”
“Gatitos juguetones.”
• Quand, grâce à l'aide de tes chats, tu n'as plus besoin de faire la poussière du meuble support TV.
“They are playing and having fun so why can't people do that during quarantine?”
“Como não amar uns bixinho desses.”
“CATch me if you can!”
[IG @Jangruijia]