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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Quarantine challenges >> Funny ‘Obstacle Challenge’ for cats (No. 8)

Amazing Cat GIF • Funny Quarantine challenges • Obstacle Challenge No. 8 - Cats are so clever and graceful. “What did you expect human?”
With COINS? Cat:1 Human: 0
“Running cat: seriously, what did you expect, human? A cat is a cat, never forget.”
“Mission impawssible accomplished. What else?”
“Well done Kitties!” 👍
“Do you mean ‘purrfectly’ done?”
“How pawesome, smart and graceful kitties!” 🐾 🐾
“Hey Hooman, is it supposed to stop me? Hahaha, seriously?”
“Hence the term ‘Cat burglar’”
“Cats have all the qualifications to be a spy.”
“Do cats have eyes in their bellies?
“How do their hind legs not touch anything?! Magic!” 😻
“Come up with something harder hooman? That's too easy for us.”
“So talented felines, this is fuck*ng great!” 
“So graceful, that's why we name it ‘catwalk’” 🐈
“Mission accomplished. Spy license acquired. Specialty skill : catwalk and cats are liquid.”
“It proves that when cats knock something down/over, they do it on purpose...”
“Yep, after that our cats will knock everything from the table for no reason, hahaha!” 😂