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Sunday, March 22, 2020

OMG! Suddenly...Ninja Cat...Half back flip and rotate!

Crazy Cat GIF • Suddenly a Ninja Cat does a flip forward and rotate for no apparent reason
“WTF? Some cats are fuck*ng weirdos hahaha!”
“May be it's got scared by the truck noise?!”
“Purrfect half catflip.”
“Something did that to the cat because he was really confused!”
Invisible COVID-19 attack?”
“Looks like that cat was reacting to a car backfire, maybe.”
“No No, you're wrong, it's just a cat doing a break dance power move.”

“The cat just saved them from some ghost trying to creep up on them. Give the cat some credits.”
“Yep, that brave cat is protecting his family from invisible enemy (for humans) :)
“C H O N K! You mess with Cato, you get the Ninjato!”