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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Snack time with (super ♥ cute) ‘Pooky’

Cute Cat GIF • Adorable ‘Pooky’ enjoying a good tuna. Her Human hold her in his arms like a big teddy bear.
-  “Are you hungry ‘Pooky’?”
-  “OK, how about some tuna?”
-  “Nom nom nom”
-  “That was tasty.”
-  “Meow  ► Thanks hooman!”
“That little meow at the end. Oh how sweet she makes her thanks! ”
“She is always a baby  Pooky you are too cute!, little precious sweetheart.” ❤️
“Her little hind paws at the beginning are super cute to.” 🐾
“How can you be so cute pooky?”
“Pooky is the cutest little bundle of floof ” ❤️
“I love that you hold her in your arms like a big teddy bear.”
[IG @ littlemunchiepooky - Baton Rouge, Louisiana]