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Friday, February 14, 2020

“NOOO Carl, don’t…The fish is our friend, not food for cats!”

Funny Cat GIF • Cat tries to catch fish in the fish bowl but the other one doesn't want!
“Please, dont touch him, he's our friend.“
“Awww I love this! Blue cat protecting the weaker species.”
“Stop bitch, don’t do that, we’re vegans!” (OK, but I’ll be back when you sleep, hehe!)
Blue cat: “Leave Bob alone, No you can’t eat Bob.”
Ginger Cat: “But I’m soooo hungry, just a nibble.”
Blue Cat: “No you can’t eat Bob, he’s a family member, we don’t eat family.”
Ginger cat: “But you ate that can of tuna.”
Blue cat: “That was different.”