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Thursday, February 20, 2020

“I don't see God up here...ONLY ME!”

Funny cat GIF • Amazing cat sitting on top of door. “I don't see God up here...ONLY ME!”
“They love heights, looking down.”
“So prim and proper.”
“Purrfect balance.”
“Our cats are too fat to do that, hahaha.”
“So proud, like a Boss.”
“What is he doing up there? And how did he get up there?”
“Because...CAT!“ 😺
“Assassin’s Creed.”
“Great perch until...someone closes the door.”
“So funny! But equally impressive! Beautiful cat, so symmetrical.”
“I'm an owl now. I must hunt for my prey in the sky.”
“Long live the King.”
“Wow! Unbelievable!”
“This is not a cat.. this is an owl with a long fur tail attached.”