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Friday, January 31, 2020

Funny kitten kneading the air in a funy and weird position

Funny Cat GIF • Kitten standing up kneading the air in a weird position. Mode ‘Air biscuit’ activated.
“Left paw...right paw...Paw Paw Paw!”
“Our cats evolve. First they learn how to stand on 2 feet, then they learn how to use tools, and in no time the World is belongs to them!
“Look at their paws, that cat is calculating the days to your downfall.”
“Poor guy, he wants to bake biscuits but has nothing to do it on!”
“He kneads air to survive.”
“Those are going to be some fluffy biscuits.”
“Practicing the technique he’ll use to claw your brains out.”
“Nike's newest product line: Air Biscuit.”
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