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Thursday, January 2, 2020

When your manicurist is on vacation and you’re trying to make nails yourself

Amazing Cat GIF • Big cat triming her back nails with her teeth. Her paw looks like a flower
“Cute ‘Ariel’. Her paw really looks like a flower!” 💮
“That’s some intense toe licking”
“My cat bytes her toe nails so noisy when she does it as well I have to leave the room.”
“It almost looks like a fake leg.”
“Their paws look like chicken’s when they do it.”
“My Russian Blue cat does this, too. Makes my job easier, I don’t have to trim the back nails, hehe.”
“Her coat is very plush and thick and shiny. ‘Ariel’ is absolutely gorgeous.”
[IG: @ariel.caracat]

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