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Friday, December 6, 2019

Funny MeerCat mesmerized by Christmas tree: "Uhhhh...WTF?!"

Christmas Cat GIF • Funny MeerCat is mesmerized by the Christmas tree! "WTF is that strange thing!?"
"That’s exactly how my cat reacted when we put up our Christmas tree yesterday."
"He just cannot ducking believe it!"
"Yep, this gorgeous Meercat reminds me of a real Meerkat on lookout scanning the area for predators."
"I love this strange fluffy Creature πŸ’•"
"Could be another of JK Rowling’s fantastic beasts."
"This cat is actually a Porg from star wars."
"His weird fur is like a beard and he looks like a fluff bear, haha cute monster."
"When you're naked, suddenly the doorbell rings and you weren't expecting anyone!"
[IG @yayoi89]