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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

[2 GIFs] • Xmas time? ‘Leapfrog’ the crazy black cat jumps over anyone and anything!

Christmas Cat GIF • Amazing Leapfrog can jump over her human with...Xmas spirit!
“Yeah, the jumping cat proves SHE can leap over Xmas spirit!”
“This is so great and funny.”
“Love how this is a furmily affair.”
“Ameowzing ‘Leapfrog’ ! Yay, you got it.”
“Merry Christmas to all in your house and here’s to a bunch of great leaps in 2020!”
“Huge Jump to Christmas.
“So impurressive ‘Leapfrog!’”
[IG @makinlikeshrimp]
Christmas Cat GIF • Amazing ‘Leapfrog’ can jump over anything with...Xmas spirit!
“OMG, what an amazing jump. Great job, ‘Leapfrog’.”
“Like a champ! Your next challenge: the refrigerator, haha.”
“She is so amazing and...fearless!”
“We think if cats were allowed to participate in pole vaulting in the summer Olympics, we know who would win, hehe.”
“What a pawsome leap!”
“It's incredible! She's simply the Best.”🏆
“I knew she could do it! ‘Leapfrog’ is my heroine! I love you black kitty.”
[IG @makinlikeshrimp]

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