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Thursday, December 26, 2019

“Just got a new red car for Xmas! Who’s coming for a ride?”

Funny Cat GIF • “Just got a new red car for Xmas ! Who’s coming for a ride?”
“Oh my goodness it’s priceless how he’s hanging out the side.”
“Wow! Lucky ‘Ollie’, I want to come for a ride with you”
Looking pretty cool”
“You look like a pro in there, cutie. Don’t go too fast or the pawlice will catch you!”
“They see me rollinnn', of course they hatinnn...'”
“Wow wonderful car for a wonderful kitty.”
“Soon our cats will be driving us!”
“Aww, your new car is really fantastic sweetheart, I'd love to go for a ride with you, I'm sure you are the best driver!”
“Wow what a pawsome new car! I want to sit shotgun in your red car, I imagine all the chicks we can pick up in this.”
“‘Eric’ you look like a little human big boss.”
“He looks very pleased with his car. The color suits him well.”
[IG @eric_and_ollie_]

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