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Sunday, November 17, 2019

“YUK! Human, your food is disgusting: unacceptable!”

Funny Cat GIF • Kitty makes a funny grumpy face because he doesn't  like human food! “Unacceptable shit.”
“Funny reaction, I love that grumpy face et the end.”
“When you wanna spoil yourself for dinner but remember you're on a diet.”
“Was that chili spiced sauce you made him sniff? Poor kitty.”
“This cat is so damn ❤️ CUTE! ”
“That’s how I feel towards food I choose not to eat because I am not food friendly.”
“The cat make pisses off face.”😄
“jajaja la cara! NO le gusta lo que huele en la comida.”
“Mwahahaha 🤣 That face expression!”

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