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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The wobbly bowl is a purrfect fit for Maru

Funny Cat GIF • The wobbly bowl is a perfect fit for Maru. His willingness to try anything new is pawesome
“Maru, that doesn’t look very comfy, haha!”
“If it fits, I sits: WHATEVER.”
“I’m sailing..  ♫♪ I’m sailing… ♪♫”
“The wobble bowl brings out that lovely soft pink of Maru’s nose.”
“Maru is such an amazing cat and his willingness to try anything new is awsome!”
“If he can get into a hammock, he can certainly get into a wobbly bowl.”
“Maru is an amazing cat. Pretty much anything you give to him, he will find a way to get inside it.”

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