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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Maru: “I can do it! Going up! Going uuu... OK, I can't!”

Funny Cat GIF • Maru tries to climb up a ladder but fails. Poor kitty, he tried his best
“C'mon Maru, just one more step and you would have made it! Next time..” 🐾
“That’s hard work without thumbs!”
“For the love of God, can someone please just pick Maru up!”
“Oohh Nooes, I thought he had it.”  :(
“I understand him. Me too, I can't jump but I climb. Well...I try.”  😸
“Poor kitty, he tried his best.”  😢
“The struggle is real..oh so real...”
“Never give up, try again tomorrow.” 
“Looks like me when I'm climbing and I bottle it half way up
“Poor chubby cat, he was so so so close!” 
“OK this was just adorable how het got back down.”
“Please don't give up...keep trying.” 💋
“I don't know why this makes me laughing.” 😂
[IG @maruhanamogu]

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