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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Hey, want to see a cat getting a back massage from a piano?

Amazing Cat GIF • Piano boogie woogie massages for sleepy kitty. Coolest cat ever taking a little nap.
“Piano boogie woogie massages for sleppy kitty!”
“Imagine being as small as this cat to sleep on the piano like him. No responsibilities, butt naked, getting massaged by live music while falling asleep.”
“Zero fucks given” Mode activated.”
“Pianist: *starts playing • Cat: leave me alone human, I just want to take a little nap here.”
“This is how my mom describes me. Even if the sky falls, I'll continue to sleep.”
“Piano massaging a funny cat.”
“I wish I have cat-like this to accompany me when I am playing piano.”
“Cat: WHAT? just chillin here while my human is massaging me.”
“Masseur: what kind of massage would you like?
Cat: um yes, I would like the woogie boogie one”
“Reminds me of that one Tom and Jerry episode.”
“Kitty, forget about the spa, now we have a massaging piano for you!”

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