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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Bless you Man ♥ for saving this poor kitten with a rope!

Kitten GIF • Good man saves clever kitty lost in cold water, with a rope. God bless you both ♥ ♥“
Savior! Touched by this man’s willingness to help and potentially save a life. Thank you good human!”
“The kitty is so trusting to this kind ♥ hearted man. God bless them both.”
“Awwww, so glad kitty was rescued. High five to the man who rescued.”
“Fantastic strong kitty who understood that the rope was the way out of misery.”
“Thank you Sir for saving this wet kitty.”
“This is a perfect example of why NOT to de-claw cats. Good job clever kitty.”
“I would have taken it home with me poor baby. I wonder how long it’s been there in cold water?”