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Monday, November 18, 2019

Blep + crossed eyes = funny looking face 😛

Funny Cat GIF • Adorable blue cat => BLEP and crossed eyes. Lovely sweet handsome face
“He's so cute/funny, he brightens my day, looking at his lovely sweet handsome face.” 😍
“My new favorite cat. OMG. That face.” 😻
“What a sweet baby, I want to kiss him.”
“Cross eyed cats are literally my favorite.”
“I just wanna love him. ❤️
“FABULOUSLY weird and funny!”
“This cat CRACKS me up.” 😂
“That tongue! Those eyes. Love your boy.”
“Oh my goodness that cute Blep.”😛
“Is that before or after the catnip?!”
“Oh my... he’s just too cute! Would love to give his cute face some kisses and skritches!”  😻
“You are one gorgeous boy with the best tongue on tongue out.”
[IG @my_boy_belarus]

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