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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Ariel: “Seriously, don’t say…‘Awww’, I have no idea what I’m doing!”

Amazing Cat GIF • Very happy and relaxed cat drolling, sucking finger and kneading at the same time
“She’s drooling. Well, it’s better sucking fingers than what my cat did occasionally, biting and hanging onto my chin!”
“You have such a wonderful bond with her.”
“I think ‘Ariel’ needs some milk…”
“‘Ariel’ is so happy and relaxed. She is actually drooling. I bet her purrs are really loud.”
“It is a replacement behavior, a remembrance of nursing, when they were safe. Domesticating a cat causes it to retain some of its “kitten” nature. It never truly grows up, and so retains this behaviour. Some cats stop doing this, others do it all their life. It is often occupied by purring.”
[IG @ariel.caracat ]