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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Up and down...up and down: funny Elevator butt

Funny Cat GIF • Up and down • Hilarious Elevator butt • Cat loves when her human pets her hot spot.
Yes hooman, that’s the SPOT! 👌
“Up up up up, I call this: Elevator butt!” 😸
“All my cats do this, it's really funny.”
“Oh my frickin God how cute.”
“Oh my frickin God how funny.”
“Oh my frickin God how SEXY.”
“I think she‘s doing yoga” 😂
“My cat used to do the “bummy” trick.”
“My cat is doing that when she needs a boy friend .” 💕
“Most cats love that spot, even male cats.”
[Video:  Ching-Fang Lee]

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