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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Yes... No... Yes... No... Yes... NOOO!

Funny Cat GIF • Yes... No... Yes... No... Fat cat trying to jump on bars tool but at least she fails!
“A little too chubby for the jump, haha.”
“This cat is doing push-ups.”
“Me trying to climb that rope in gym class.”
“She forgot how to cat?”
“Me trying to accomplish my goals.”
“Poor Kitty, this gives me anxiety.”
“Hahaha me with my life choices.”
“That's me trying to fly on a dream.”
“This is me thinking about making poor choices.”
“The suspense is killing me.”
“Just a cat doing squats, nothing to see here.”
“Now he know damn well his fat ass can't jump up there.” 😁
“Me before making any decision.”
“Go kitty Go! Clap your hands for encouraging her.” 👏

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