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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Wow! SuperCat, the new Avenger comes to save your day

Amazing Cat GIF • Wow! Supercat with his red cape is flying. Impressive high jump!
That amazing cat can do the high jump. Let's enter him in the cat Olympics. 😊
“Flying as a super hero.”
“Funny hind legs floating in the air.”
“Wow, what a jumper.”
“Incredible fluid motion of its body.”
“The fluffinator in action.”
“Super impressive jump! Love ❤️ it
“That red cape fluttering in the wind though.”
“Super hero wearing his red cape.” 😻
“That reminds me of my cat when he hears the treat bag.”
“Cats are amazingly pawsome and agile.”
“Look at his face! Feeling nothing but super cool and proud.”🐱
[IG @大脸猫] 

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