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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Fast and purrious kitty: "DRIFT mode activated"

Funny Kitten GIF • Fast and furious kitty "DRIFT mode activated" Mama cat says Stop running, SLOW DOWN!
Angry Mama cat: "HEY! Stop running, SLOW DOWN!”
“When your hungry kitten hears the wet food can open
“Heeeyy! Watch where you going!”
“Chase scene between Tom and Jerry in real life.”
“Mother Cat Saying: ‘Stop running through this damn house!’.”
“Exactly how I run towards the kitchen when I get a sharp smell of burnt food that I forgot to turn off half hour ago while mom yells at me.” 😂
“I can't get over the ears, the're bouncing: so cute!”
“Look at the speed and the floppy feet.”

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