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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Hilarious cat chirping HARD ► Level 100!

Funny Cat GIF • Cat with long teeth chirping hard at fly, bird or squirrel. cat.exe has stopped working!
“I think your cat is broken: cat.exe has stopped working, so you need to take it back and get a refund.”😂
“Me when I see I see my sexy neighbor NAKED through the window, hahaha!” 😍
“Such a good hunter spotted a big birdy.”
“Yep, my cat does that all the time when it’s either fly or a bug that is flying around.”
“And mine does it to birds or...squirrels.”
“He's taking a laughing talk with the birds; just a very talkative kitty.”
“Don't try to understand, that’s definitely MORSE code fot cats.” 😳
“Poor guy, he looks so frustated.”
“Too much catnip and a small fly becomes a giant bird, that's why.”
“Look at those creepy teeth!”
“He's saying: I'm gonna get get get get get get get you birdies!”

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