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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Olympic entry for high jump! 10/10 👌

Amazing cat GIF • Flying cat jumping from the kitchen counter. Such a Supercat and Ninja cat. So graceful
WOOOAAAH, so amazing kitty!
“This is actually impressive.”
“Like a boss.”
“Bye Bro, I must go, my people need me.”
“Parkour cat edition.”
“Wow! Stomach muscles, what an athlete!”
“PurRrRrRrfect jump.”
“Watch the other cat. It’s like, “Whoaaaaahhhh!”
“I thought it's gonna land like mufasa in lion king, haha.”
“Me jumping into bed after turning off the lights.”
“Super cat, fuck*ng agile!”
[IG @20pawsdaily]

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