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Sunday, July 14, 2019

“Honey, don't be so angry, It’s not what it looks like...”

Hilarious Cat GIF • Love ♥ story with...3 cats! "Honey, don't be so angry, we're just good friends, I swear."
“Darling, we're just good friends, I swear...”
“Surprise mothafucka, it's me, your beloved wife.” 😠
“Honey, why so jealous, Peace and love...”
“Carl, Carl, she's behind you!”
“Honey I was just giving CPR to her.”
“OWNED! When you immediately admit you're guilty.” 😌
“Ooops! That wasn’t suppose to happen, how are you honey?”
“Wait honey, I can explain...OK, I cant, kill me!” 😩

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