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Friday, July 26, 2019

“I'm bigger than you !” “Yep, but I'm quicker than you, see yaaaa.”

Funny Kitten GIF • 2 Kitties playing Patty Cake but the game goes wrong like big Catzilla fighting a tiny kitten!
“Imma make myself reaaallllll big and ... hey where'd you go?!”
“Wow! A real show of who’s boss!” 😊
“When a game of Patty Cake goes wrong, hahaha!”
“Godzilla 😀 kitty’s version”
“They are doing the fight scene from Lion King!”
“When the playing turns to fighting!“
“Haha, they fight like girl cats!“ 😻 😚
[IG @ohanakittyfostering]

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