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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Adorable kitty confused by a big water bowl

Cute kitten GIF • Aww cute fluffy Kitty confused by a big water bowl. “Mom, is it a swimming pool for kitties?”
“Too fluffy, too funny and too C.U.T.E!”
“Mom, what is this strange thing? Is it a swimming pool for kitties?”
“Cute and innocent baby, he looks so confused.”
“That face is making me cry 😭. I will never be able to kiss that pretty thing. Oh my heart. It hurts...”
“Pure purrfection! I can't. I'm dying.”
“STOP! It's a fake. Kitty is to cute to be real. It's a conspiracy created by a cat lover.”😜
“What a beautiful and purrcious kitty!” 💗
“I need to cuddle this adorable baby cat.”
“Who is going to tell me this is not super mega cute?” 🙉
[IG @mo_harutan]

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