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Sunday, July 28, 2019

EPiC FAiL! Slightly forgetful Mama cat or clumsy Papa cat?

Crazy Cat GIF • Slightly forgetful Mamma cat or clumsy Papa cat in action, whatever poor innocent kitty
“Maternal instinct gone wild?!” πŸ˜•
“Our 2 female cats did the same when they both had a litter at the same time. They even fed the kittens from the other. They where mother and daughter themselves.“
“The other cat is feeding milk to the kittens and this cat was very forgetful. There is only one answer, it's Dad cat, not Mama cat.”
“Yes, because if this is the mother then the father is giving **?** to those kittens, Mwahahahaha!!!”
“She forgot how to cat, wouldn't survive in the wild!”

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