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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Aww...such a trusting Mama cat. How nice and lovely ❤

Amazing Cay GIF • Mama cat needs a babysitter for her newborn litter and she trusts her human. Just incredible!
"That's an incredible trust 💕"
"Yes, and we can't imagine HOW MUCH TRUST that requires!"
"When Mama cat needs a good babysitter."
"It’s the deep love this young lady has for the mama mama cat trusts that she will do the same to her newborn kittens."
"Made my day. She’s so adorable" 😍
"Wow she trusts her human 110%! Good kitty ❤"
"That's incredible. It's rare to see a mother drop off her litter to her human like this. So beautiful. That owner must be so special to her cat."😊

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