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Thursday, May 23, 2019


Cute Kitten GIF • Tiny kitty snuggling with Mama cat They are adorable. "Hug me Mom, I ♥ love you."
"BOOM! 💣 I just exploded from cuteness overload."
"When you used to love snuggling with me."
"I think I'm crying."
"Hug me Mom, I need your love!"
"How cute and cuddly: happy family."
"A cute kitty being cute, that's what I need." 
[IG @fangsfosters]
Adorable Kitten GIF • Mama cat rubbing her face on her tiny purrito Kitty in a yellow blanket
"Mama, how much do you love your baby 'Coco'?"
"A LOT!"
“Kitty, do you l♥ve this Kitten-PURRito?”
“Yeaaaah, he’s my beloved new baby!”
“So freaking cute Mama Cat.”
“Aww… I have never seen a mama cat with her kitten like this before.”
“Look at that little bean burrito oh mah goooonnnessssss!”
 [IG @youngestoldcatlady]

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