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Monday, April 8, 2019

But how & why cats always land on their feet?! Whatever!

Incredible Cat GIF • OMG! Athletic cat falling from high roof but cats always land on their feet, whatever ;)
"OK alright, don't worry, I still have my 9 lives."
"Woooow! He's athletic as f*ck."
"HeHe, clumsy or graceful, they always land on 4 paws."
"Just keep walking like "Nothing happened".
"Like a Boss!"
"I’m good human, it’s cool, nothing to see here."
"Zero fucks were given, life goes on."

Hilarious reverse Cat GIF • Amazing acrobat cat doing an incredible double back flip from ground to roof
Even more amazing!
Reverse GIF with an incredible vertical double back flip! 😜

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