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Saturday, March 23, 2019

"I think the Ladies like my new haircut" (Well, I'm not sure)

Hilarious Cat GIF • Barnaby the Persian cat has a new haircut with messy hair, haha
"OMG 'Barnaby', I just saw you on the Ellen Show! I always knew you were a superstar! 🐾"
"The one cat with more ear fluff than Mowgli 😹"
"Me when I wake up monday morning."
"Funny ears!"
"You look like a little stuffed animal that’s alive."
"Looks like somebody overdid it on the setting spray, haha!"
"This thing looks like it would eat your soul. Plus it’s cross eyed."
"New cat breed: "Messy fluff"."
"Don't worry Barnaby, your hair looks fa-bu-lous."
[IG @barnaby_persian]

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