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Monday, December 24, 2018

Fluffy Elf cat: "Just a last nap before I deliver your Christmas present 🎁"

Christmas Cat GIF • "Little nap before I deliver your Christmas presents". OK good nap sweet 'Eric'.
"OK Eric, I'am waiting for your gift. We don’t have a chimney though so we’ll leave the back door unlocked."
"Aww sweetie you’re the cutest El cat ever, you look so gorgeous, so  adorable, so relaxed and chilled, have a Merry Xmas,  I love you, sending trillion hugs and million kisses, Muah 💗 Muah."
"OMG you're the cutest Xmas cat ever and you can nap as long as you need."
"You are a heartbreaker beautiful boy!"
"Never mind the present, I want the floof cat."
" You look beautiful Eric, enjoy your nap sweetie."
[IG @eric_an_ollie_]

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