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Sunday, December 23, 2018

/!\ BREAKiNG NEWS /!\ This morning a crazy Siamese cat killed Santa Cat! - RiP+

Hilarious Cat GIF • OMG naughty Siamese cat killed Cute Santa Cat! No present for good kitties this year :(
"So, unfortunately, NO Xmas Presents for good kitties this year :("
"After "I shot the Sheriff ♪♫". . . "I killed Santa Cat!", haha little monsters."
"Serial killer Cat caught in the act!"
"Sneak attack, you'll never see it coming!"
"Sometimes I wonder if my Siamese cat is secretly plotting to kill me?!"
"BAD LUCK Santa Cat! Right time but wrong place."
The murderer told the police: "I don’t regret and would do it again because I'm agnostic and I hate Xmas!"

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