Milk time = Milk Party = Milk swimming pool

Funny Kitten GIF • Snuzzy blue Kitty swimming in his milk what a messy baby haha    “What? It’s a milk attack, I’m innocent!”
“That’s so funny! Never seen such a messy eater, haha!”
“Me, monday morning…with my Breakfast.”
[IG: @kate.lee.79025648]

White CatBit grooming himself

Hilarious Cat GIF • Amazing Catbit grooming himself before eating his giant carrot hahaha … before eating his giant carrot hahaha.
“Hehe nai na that’s exactly how my widdle kitten will look in a widdle bunny wabbit costume. Gosh but a bajillion times cuter and fluffier and more adorable /w\ and give him a widdle carrot to nibble on and squeeze him all up!/w\ he’s the cutest most adorable widdle cutie pie ever na /w\”
[IG: @asya_photocat]