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Thursday, November 26, 2020

“STOP, hooman! That's enough Internet for today, OK?”

Funny Cat GIF • STOP, hooman! That's enough Internet for today, OK? Your cat is the boss at home!
“That creepy face: don't mess with him, he's fuck*ng angry!”
"STOP! No trabajes más y hazme caso. Que mal rollo la expresión del gato, jajajaja!”
“Quand ton chat exige que tu arrêtes de surfer sur Internet ! Et tu as intérêt à lui obéir, sinon...”
“Cat DOMiNATiON: level 100!”
“Who is The Boss at home? Cats of course. So you have to obey your cat!”

Funny Cat GIF • Affectionate cat thinks that human hand is the best pillow. No more telework at home haha.
“Telework is the first choice and priority for as many employees as possible.” they said 😂

Thursday, November 26, 2020

“We got the PURRfect antidote for your stressful day...”

Cute Cat GIF • Tiny newborn Kitty cuddling her Mummy. Aww so much love they are so cute
“Look at that ♥ TiNY NEWBORN ♥ kitty with eyes still closed, cuddling her mummy. What a sweet little face, so precious.”
“Love this happy Mama Cat and her tiny daughter. I'm going to die of purrrrr cuteness.”
 [IG @foster_kittens]