When your weird cat looks like Michael Jackson at the beginning of ‘Thriller’ when he changes into the…wolf!

Weird Cat GIF • Lykoi cat with human face especially around the mouth and eyes A very rare breed “Why does this cat have a human face?! It’s tripping me out!”
“A human man in a cat suit.”
“It’s a “LYKOI Cat”, called also the “Wolf-cat”. A very rare Cat race”
“No.. No…this is a Human stuck inside a cat’s body!”
“This is a creepy ass cat with that human face.”
“He has a weirdly human face, it kinda makes me uncomfortable.”
[IG: @catsvillcounty]

Mama Cat instincts so adorable, how much she ♥ loves her kitty

“Aww mama cat was so worried about the two cats outside! How fast she moved to save her baby!”
“That Mom is like get you ass down here right now!”
“Aww, such a protective mom.”
Cat mom: “You’re not ready for the world out there yet baby.”
“This is so damn funny & cute.”
“When your Mom doesn’t want you to leave.”
“Get down from there before you hurt yourself!”

Feral cat is happy with new blankets and carpet on “his” car

Funny Cat GIF •  Feral is happy to play and run because he found new blankets and carpet on windows and roof of his car “Imagine if everybody did this… That would be a lot of happy feral cats in the cities!”
“He’s so happy he found sth to scratch & a surface yo roll over.”
“That happy cat really having the time of his life!”
“Great idea covering the windows and roof too with blankets and …carpet!”
“Omg, It’s so excited about the new blankets on the car.”
[h/t: thund3rbolt @imgur.com]