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Friday, November 17, 2017

Seriously, that tiny box was too small for big Maru, haha ("Anyway, if I don't fits... I still sits.")

ACG • That tiny box is too small for Maru indeed but If I dont fits I still sits with one paw in
"Maru, the box is just big enough for one of your big round paw."
Maru: "Yep, I know, that one wasn't too small, it's just a foot box! So, with one paw in, I win!"
"He's like a hermit crab trying to find his perfect shell :)"
"The look of indignation on Maru's face is priceless. The box is just a pillow"
"Grumpy Maru. 'Hana' is like "Here we go again, he's going to sulk the whole day..."
[Video Source: mugumogu]