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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Face scrub? Smoothie: “Must.Clean.Him”

ACG • Famous Smoothie kissing licking and cleaning Milkshake face Cute fluffy couple
"OMG, I can't with Smoothie and Milkshake.The cuttest couple of cats in the world."
"They're so stinking cute. They need to make kitty babies."
I love how 'Shake' always turns his head just right when he's getting a bath in order to sneak a smooch on the mouth.
"Oh Gott nein ich kann nicht mehr das ist zu viel süßer, sich abknutschender FlauschFluff aufeinmal."
"I love you Bro and I want to lick your face."
"Aww... these two fluffy and precious Kitties."
"Así voy a estar contigo bebé ♥"
"Quand tes deux poilus s'aiment d'amour tendre et que la toilette est prétexte à se faire plein de bisous."
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