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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Little 'Nugget' is having extra breakfast. He's doing great ❤

ACG • Cute tiny Kitten drinks milk from her loved baby bottle and wiggles ears
"Oh my God. That is a precious little baby. Beautiful video. Thank you for sharing it and for being such a wonderful kitty parent."
"Awww... he wiggles ears while drinking."
"Bebé pequeñito y tierno; sigue comiendo así para que pronto te conviertas en un señor gato!"
"Attention, quand c'est l'heure du biberon le Chaton se cramponne, ça ne rigole plus, il faut que le lait coule à flots."
"This is so precious, what an Angel. Cutie ♥ heart."
 [Video Source: whiskersnpurrs]