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Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween? ♪♫ If you are gonna be a pirate... be an angry pirate ♫ ♪

ACG • Bonnie Fluffy colorpoint Cat wearing pirate costume for Halloween a very hangry pirate haha
"Purrfect pirate face. 'Bonnie', you wear it well! Happy Halloween you gorgeous." "
"Okay, that is *hilarious.* RBF and pirate costume go together perfectly! Happy Halloween to you."
"Captain BonBon is not impressed." #walktheplankmatey
"Her look definitely tell you to walk the plank immediately.The cutest pirate, Bonnie."
"Tant qu'à porter un costume de méchant pirate, il faut avoir une "gueule" de pirate, et c'est réussi, haha !"
[Video Source: bonnienclydekitties]