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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Kitten kisses ♥ Kitten kisses ♥ Kitten kisses

ACG • Adorable Kitten kissing girl on mouth like a kid. Aww... so cute baby
"Yep, nothing better than sweet Kitten kisses!"
"Me dará un paro cardiaco de tanta ternura."
"Blargh! Just died from cuteness overload, that is one of the sweetest things ever!"
"Que guapada. Muerooooo de amorrrr!!! Amo este gatito, me parece lo más tierno que he visto."
"I wish my baby would do this! Instead, she beats our heads, lol"
"That just about brought a tear to my eye ;("
Quand ton Chaton mâle est follement amoureux de toi et que tu te demandes si t'as vraiment besoin d'un "mec" dans ta vie ?"
 [Video Source: reddit via catloversclub]