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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What? Greedy $$$ Cat hit by a bike? (obvious attempt at insurance fraud caught on camera!)

ACG • Greedy cat hit by a bike Obvious attempt at insurance fraud caught on camera
"OMG, what a CAT-tastrophe! I'm hurt... Help me I can't get up because you broke my back and my neck! I want $100,000, but we can settle out of court right meow for only $50,000."
(Noooope, don't give him any money, he'll just spend it on... catnip!)
"What? Another Russian Cat attempting insurance scam video caught on dashcam?"
"No no, top class simulation, he learned that trick from the Italian soccer players, the famous 'Squadra Azzurra', haha."
"Very good actor. He deserves a Cat Oscar!"
Quand le chat du voisin, vicieux et cupide, se jette sous la roue avant de ton VTT pour simuler un accident dont tu serais fautif et ainsi, être indemnisé par ton assureur !
[Video Source: 얼마안남은 길생활을 즐기는 미웡씨]