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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Epic Fail ! Clumsy Cat falling from clothes drying rack

ACG • Epic Fail clumsy Cat falling from clothes drying rack haha you fail
Ultimate Ninja Cat Warrior training
"I don't know what it is, but this drying rack always shreds my clothes."
"No, no I don't need your help human. I'm a strong independent... ahhhhhh... I REGRET NOTHING!"
"Oh God! I regret everything! I regret this choice! All the crap I destroyed just to blame the dog! God if you save me just one more time!"
"This is an interesting place. Whoops... that was close. Woah, no, no, oh sh*t, this was a bad idea, HALP,  AAARRRGGHH."
"Quand - enfin - tu comprends pourquoi tu trouves ton linge propre plein de poils en rentrant du boulot !"
[Video Source: via Loopdeloops]