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Monday, October 30, 2017

Cute Kitten lying on his sleepy Mom, licking grooming head

ACG • Cute Kitten lying on his sleepy Mom licking grooming head
"Aww... come here Mom. I need to clean you up, again. You got your wiskers in the milk bowl again, right Mom?"
"I love ♥ you (licklicklick), I love ♥ you (hug)"
"Só mais 1 pouquinho de gatinhos dando bjineos"
"I can't stand how cute this is! Love love love"
"Me giving you love and trying to wake u up : mommy... wake up... let's play..."
"Eu de manhã qdo você ainda tá dormindo huahauah"
"Quand ton Chaton est contraint de faire la toilette de sa mère car il trouve qu'il y a du laisser-aller."
[Video Source: chacha.adzu]